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Harmony Hazard

Harmony Hazard.


WIP: 3D-printed Majora’s Mask (piece 1 of 11)My Majora’s Mask print arrived today from shapeways!  This is what it looked like straight out of the box - absolutely perfect.  The spikes aren’t printed yet, I am going to add those after I finish painting the piece pictured here.Expect to see more soon!
Modeled By: ClothBender (myself)Modeling Software: Blender 2.69Printing Service: ShapewaysMaterial: Strong White and Flexible



*tumblrs happily*
*remembers homework, exams and responsibilities*
*tumblrs stressfully*

this is the most accurate post i have ever seen

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having “feelings” is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch 

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